What to compare to Dagger Reflection 15?

Today I did a little fly fishing with my daughter in my Reflection 15. I was impressed how it paddled and it’s stability with two people, albeit one smaller person. But, it was the first time I had another person in the this canoe, I generally paddle it solo. It’s an older canoe of coarse since Dagger hasn’t made the Reflection in years. I was wondering what canoe I’d get that would compare to this one should this one be beyond repair. Is there anything similar to the Reflection 15? Thanks!

Bell MorningStar 15.5, Mad River Horizon 15, the most similar, Swift Mattawa, Wenonah Heron or Adirondack, in alphabetical order.

Mad River has the dagger molds…
I havent seen a new reflection made by Mad River, but I own a 2006 model Mad River Legend 15, made in the old Dagger molds.

Not that it helps you . . .
But I loved my Reflection 15. Had to sell it and get something lighter a few years back, since it was getting heavier and heavier (or do you think maybe it was me just getting older).

and again, no help
But do have a Reflection 15, 7 years now. It has become primarily a poling canoe for my son, but I sometimes use it for a poling/paddling run on a fairly tight rocky rapid our local group runs on wednesdays. Have the center seat and many great memories with this canoe. Spray it with Krylon Fusion every now and then to cover up the scratches; we run moving/whitewater about 90% of the time. Decent thick royalex should last you a long time.