What to do with fish caught?

I am new to the kayak world but eventually intend to do some fishing in my F&S Eagle Talon 12. Probably mostly Florida intracoastal, and eventually offshore now and then.

What do you guys do with your keepers? I figured a stringer was the best idea since room in a kayak is limited and obviously won’t fit a cooler with ice. However, sharks?

sea anchor
never mind the sharks, a stringer of fish will act as a sea anchor. trying to paddle that will be a nightmare. you need a cooler, with ice, up on the boat somewhere. oh yeah, then there’s the sharks…

sharks ?

NOT TO WORRY…I’m here for 30 years never seen a shark not one.

…but do you paddle with bloody fish trailing behind your kayak?

It’s okay
the alligators don’t eat much…

have you heard of these models called “sit-on-tops” ?

or, you could pack some ice in a dry bag and use it as a soft-sided cooler which would give you more flexibility with storage, if you were anticipating catching more than one fish and not immediately going to shore and starting up the barbie…

bloody fish ? do you beat your catch with a hammer or use a hook ?

seriously, no I doahn fish. My religion forbids fishing.

But I doahn see the problem clearly. One buys a plastic container relating to the fish one usually catches, covers the outside with foam. Throws some foil covered dry ice into the insides…finds way to secure the box…n then fish.

How many fish yawl gonna catch-4/5 grouper at 100 pounds ?

Sit on top
I have a sit on top. Doesn’t mean I have a ton of space and weight with fishing gear plus a cooler big enough to fit decent size fish in.

There’s always instant sushi
does your current fleet have a model with enough space for cutting tools?

I have a net used by SCUBA divers that I put fish in after catching. While fishing (so stopped), I hang it over side. While paddling, if not too full I keep over side. If too much drag, I pull on deck.

I use a sea kayak and drop line for my fishing.

I have seen some who toss fish into their sea kayak day hatch. Don’t recall if they flooded day hatch or kept it dry.

There are also fish bags you can use. Check out the Seattle Sports Kayak Catch Cooler for an example.

you have objections to suggestions, forget fishing and just stop at Safeway on your way home.

I don’t have a Safeway down here. Now what do I do?

Check in with these folks…

nice retort

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here's a tip or two:


Publix. Or Goatfeathers.


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I got a nice Chinese wing paddle there

This Goatfeathers?
http://www.goatfeathersseafood.com/ If so they’ve expanded their product offerings considerably since my last visit to the coast.

ah my bad
I confused them with “Goatfeathers All American Chinese Market”.