What to Know When Buying a Kayak

Steve, I think I am interested in a hybrid/touring style kayak. I am 6’1" and 275 pounds, kind of big thighs. I am fairly fit, so I don’t think I am going to lose gobs of weight. I used to run 35-50 miles a week but I can’t run anymore so looking for a kayak for cardio, core, AND fun. I am interested in doing some longer tours, mostly rivers like the Tennessee, Mississippi, etcetera- probably not a lot of open water. I am very good in the water but not necessarily a highly advanced kayak person, just a lot of job related swimming. I have a Thresher 140, good boat but I will probably give it to my kid. Please- I’m looking for a couple of recommendations- probably NOT going to buy super carbon fiber million dollar kayak but something better suited for my training and touring goals. Thanks much.

Steve who?

Get a class or two
So you know what constitutes the training you will need. Then worry about the boat. Spring is near, no reason to spend ridiculous amounts of time investigating things online that you could learn by two hours in a boat.

And yeah, who is Steve…

Try a Tempest 180.

Here ya go
Current Designs Isle.

Current Designs Titan or a Solstice HV if you can find one. Isle is good too depending on what style you want rudder or skeg.