what to look at for kids instruction

my nieces two children want to get into kayaking.

I mentioned that were it me (her kids are a boy 8 and a girl 10 who arn’t exactly your average kids…Both are into backpacking and a host of outdoor activities related to wilderness skills)I would do an intro to paddling.kayaking followed by a good course in safety and rescue and then,if the kids showed the desire,familiarization with rolling skills.

Anyone have anything to add?

I also mentioned looking at used boats which fit the kids rather than piling em into wide recreational craft.

don’t do classes
instead let the kids have fun and play all the while offering them tips and pointers.

Keep it short and fun. When the kids look disinterested get them out of the kayaks.

specialized classes
Our group has done classes targeted at kids the same age as yours. The whole idea is to let them have a good time while teaching them a few things about paddling a boat. Make everything a game. Make sure everyone tips their boat over and gets wet in shallow water. Create mild competitions where everyone wins. Have team races. The point is to generate interest, create beginning knowledge of safety, and have fun. Real skills will come later.

Teach through play
Works amazingly well with big kids (us) too!

See you on the water,


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No course. You teach em of their parents (if they have a clue). I would not have trusted my kids to a stranger. Be part of their lives and they are your partners for ever.