what to put to clean a canoe.?

I got myself a use esquif pressage its in great shape.

but there was some sticker on it ,i got rid off those...but now i got glue on the royalex..

what can i use to get rid off the glue but not affect the royalex or the color off it..?

plus what could i put on the royalex to get the shiny back or to to protect it frome the sun etc....?



sticker glue
I think Goo Gone should be safe for removing the sticky stuff.

I think that acetone works well but not sure if it would harm Royalex.

303 is the product that most paddlers use to keep their boats shiny and protect against UV.

sticker goo
WD-40 will remove sticker goo, I have used it for cleaning car bumpers, doesn’t harm the paint.

zippo lighter fluid
works on a lot of sticker type glue. Have never had a problem on most plastics.