what to use for cleaning Eddylines Carbo

Carbonlite 2000 ? I just bought a Merlin LT and it has lots of scuffs and scratches on the bottom hull.Other than soapy water and a sponge is there any cleaning compound or mild solvent like alcohol to clean it up? As for the scratches should I fine sand it ?

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
with just water. Should work just fine. Has been great on gel coated fiberglass.

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Standard composite compounds will work
fine. Heavy scratches use 3M heavy duty rubbing compund, then finish with 3M Finesse it. It they are light scratches or marks just use the finesse it. Bill

Agree with both of the above
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works great to remove black marks on a white hull. It wears down pretty quickly though.

For deeper scratches and scuff marks on white hull or colored deck, try rubbing compound. You have to be pretty carefully with this as it is possible to damage the finish with too much rubbing. Start with the finer compound and see if that works first.

Info I got directly from Eddyline: use a mesh sponge with rubbing alcohol or rubbing compound, and polish with 303 Protectant.

Ok, I cleaned it up nicely
I had some car compound I bought from the factory and followed up with the 303 protectant. Its about 90% cleaned up.Thanks.

To fix light scratches
I use 1500 wet or dry sandpaper (wet) followed by rubbing compound, polish then wax for good measure. I like Meguiar’s boat products personally.