What to use to seal bulkheads

that will also stick to the poly boat as well as the bulkhead.


Its the best (my opinion of course!) http://www.sashcosealants.com/home_improvement/products/lexel.shtml

I also read
yesterday, tho I can’t find the page now, that you have to heat the area to be repaired. Does this apply to gluing/sealing? I don’t know…if I can find the page in my history, I’ll post the link

Maybe others can help

bulkhead sealant
The same question was asked on another bb, and

3M 5200 caulking was recommended.

I’ve never used it, just passing it on.


3M 5200, 4200
Rotomolded plastic is REALLY difficult to get glue to stick to. I’ve sucessfully used 3M 5200 to instal 3 home made bulkheads in boats and perform lots of repairs. The stuff is messy, but so far not one leak. It’s expensive through West Marine (~$18/calk tube), but cheap through Home Depot (~$7/calk tube). Lowe’s & Menard’s don’t carry it. The 4200 also works and I think it’s easier to work with, though I have less experience w/ it. Stay away from the quick dry stuff and be sure to sand the plastic before you apply the glue.

The 3M stuff is FAR from ideal. It’s messy, adequate but not spectacular, and expensive.

I’m curious about the Lexel though.

Used many different products and Lexel is the best. 5200 is tough stuff, but not the best for polyethylene. Lexel stays flexible, and is the choice of several manufacturers.

minicell in poly kayak
it helps to cut a slot around the outside edge of the minicell so it’s not as stiff,so the minicell and hull flex more together and the glue doesn’t have to accomodate the difference, the minicell does.

Flame treatment is used…
…to "activate’ the poly’ surface and make it more receptive to gluing with epoxy and similar adhesives, but it’s not necessary when you’re just sealing a bulkhead.