what to wear indoor pool

I take water aerobics classes in an indoor pool. Several of my fellow students are in their 80’s and 90’s and have circulatory problems which make them feel cold even when they are jumping around. What could they wear over their bathing suits to keep them warm? Drysuits/wetsuits and I think hydroskin would be overkill - literally! Do you think any of the synthetic wicking fabrics or hydro-silk would do it? And would a top be sufficient?


Hydroskin best but…
Hi Julie. I would say hydroskin or similar is best, except that I know I had a hell of a time getting my long sleeve hydroskin top off last night after pool work. I am not sure that someone with compromised flexibility or hand strength would have been able to do it without help.

What about the Mountain Surf type fuzzy rubber? It tends to be quite warm but a lot easier to get off tham the hydroskin.

by Reed


it’s what I would sugest

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Stohlquist P2 Rashguard
Baselayer made of polyolefin. Brushed interior, spandex like exterior. Not waterproof but definitely slows water transition and insulates. May be a good intermediary step between neoprene-esque and polypro. Don’t know of any leggings made of this stuff just short & long sleeve shirts. Very flexible use piece of gear. Funny how clothing gets classified as Gear.

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I don’t know if this
will keep them warmer http://www.cafepress.com/objectivemin.50869699

But it should keep them from fornicating.

Marshall has the right idea (as usual), but I’d go one step further: Don’t need anything fancy or heavy duty, it’s water at indoor pool temps after all.

Tops used for cycling or skiing layers should work. Just about any short or long sleeved T shirt of poly or synthetic blend would work. Since the chlorine may wreck it anyway or compromise the glued seams (depending on the chlorine level) why spend good money on premium clothing?

pretty hip
oh you can’t shock these gals, our instructor varies our routines with new moves and recently introduced Jack Flash, a jumping jack to the side where we pretend we are opening up our trench coats! it always gets some giggles.

Good point on the seams
I think some of the stuff like fuzzy rubber or Reed’s is sewn. The fuzzy rubber doesn’t purport to be at all waterproof. But it does warm quite nicely.

I snorkeled for a solid hour and a half on a not real warm day in the Caribbean wearing a light polypro top over my suit last winter. That water was probably not so far from the temp that you are talking about in pools heated for senior citizen’s aerobics. It worked fine for me - I can’t judge its efficacy for someone with circulatory problems.

I Love This:


Might not work for women.

I also wear it under a 3mm Farmer John

I got just the thing. Kiefer is a
swimming supply company. In their latest catalouge they offer the WaterShirt™. Long sleeve, turtleneck. Their number is 800 323 4071 or www.kiefer.com Item number 818891. Lots of sizes. $34.00-$36.00.

Polartec Powerstretch
is a Polartec brand fleece in three different weights, sold by various manufacturers under there own name (e.g. Immersion Research Thermo Skin, Thick Skin, Thin Skin). I like the mid-weight Thick Skin product. Kokatat Inner Core and Outer Core are similar. Also look at Lochsa Connection Powerflex Fleece products.

I hate being cold and my local pool is a
bit chilly for me. I wear hydroskin pants and a polypro top for roll practice and it keeps me plenty warm.

Chlorine is hard on Hydroskin
and Neoprene … make sure you rinse well, NRS also makes a wash solution that helps get the chlorinated water out of the pores the fabric. We used to do roll practice at an outdoor pool in the winter. Hydroskin was fine. Indoors I usually just wear a surf rash guard to hide my blubber.

Anything close-fitting will help
In Texas, we used to dive in springfed rivers and just wore tight jeans to slow the water exchange. In the pool, we did the same thing so whatever the class participants already have will help- even long underwear if it’s a tight knit. Being able to wash the garments well and regularly is very important when you are dealing with chlorine.

assuming they’re cold
…can you ask the pool manager to turn the temperature up?

Pools for swimming and training competitively are generally kept at lower temperatures than pools intended for recreation and rehabilitation.

A vote againt hydroskin
80 and 90 year olds would have a very difficult time putting on and removing hydroskins or any type of wetsuit. Go with the stretchy fleece. It pulls on and off like a sweater.

thanks for your suggestions
I will bring to the pool and show them what I have - based on your suggestions as to what might work - and photocopies of the descriptions from the on-line stores of the other possibilities - and if there is interest, I will organize a field trip to our local paddling shop!

thanks again