What to wear mid March South Florida

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I will be spending a few days paddling in the Everglades National Park mid March. I hope to do about 5 days - 3 back in the Everglades themselves and another couple on the coast (round trip from Flamingo Visitors Center). That time of year, but that far south, I'm wondering if I should be wearing a wetsuit. BTW, I will be paddling a sit-inside.


Absolutely not
You will die of heat prostration.

I’ll be paddling there in March also, and I’ll be wearing a sleevless poly shirt and swim trunks.

We keep farmer John’s with us, but that is only for all day in the water snorkling off the Keys in Dec. jan and early Feb.

If you burn easily or worry about skin cancer, you might want long sleeves.

Jack L

March is probably ok.
But January and February can be murder down there. Global warming means chaotic weather and the Keys area can be really cold at times. Last year (2009) we abandoned a camping/paddling trip because of the cold. Jackl certainly has more experience but I would take the warmer stuff just in case. You can always leave it at the campsite.

The water will be warm
The air may be not.

Take fleece. Last March a couple of nights the temp hovered just above freezing. Warmed up during the day but never sleeveless weather. Wore long sleeved cotton shirts that could provide evaporative cooling on the few days it got over 70. Makes the bugs more bearable too

not sure if yer overnightin
but even if yer not , foul weather gear is a must where ever I go For myself March -April in the glades 70-80 in the day an drops soon as the sun goes and I.m goin for fleeze an the foul weather gear . BUT that is what works for me , not a big fella at 145-150 , an down there a knit hat at night keeps my 8# bowlin ball warm .

If ya got it you can put it on , if ya ain’t got it …

if yer too warm ya can take it off

Grass skirt.

Last March was really bad
Temperatures were below freezing. All sorts of snakes, gators, and fish died. Usually it is short sleeve and T shirt weather, but sometimes you’ll wish you had a drysuit.

That wasn’t March
It was January

we were there in March, and it was beautiful.

Cool nights and warm days

Jack L

It was January for sure
much of the mangroves were dead in March from the hard extended January freeze. No doubt that was the big ecological disaster

But it was 28 at Collier Seminole SP on something like Mar 9 and the next night at Lopez not much better.