what to wear

been kayaking just this year really luv it. want 2 do some winter floating on small rivers here in tennessee I got a perception swifty & oldtown loon. what kind of cold weather gear should i invest in

Start with the layering
wear poly pro or light weight polar fleece long johns and the same material long sleeve shirt.

For outer ware a loose fitting, light weight water proof, (gortex or equal) pair of pants.

North face or Marmot has some nice ones, or if you are a cyclist, bike Nashbar or Performance has some good ones.

Then for a outer top, I light weight water proof jacket. Again, North Face or Marmot are good.

A absolute must is water proof mukluks. they will keep your tootsies warm and dry while entering and exiting the yak and all day long.

Tuck your pants into them.

We use the NRS boundary Shoes. Wear a pair of “smart wool” socks with them to absorb the sweat.

Worked for us all through Alaska, and every winter here in the NC high country, as it did in yesterdays paddle.

Put on or take of layers as required by the days temperature.



still trying to figure out
the best combination. I tend to overlayer and get hot halfway through the paddle. Am slowly working myself down to less layers. Ideally, a set of polypro or smart wool layers with something like a splash jacket over it for calm paddling. That way I can take it off, peel a layer off and put it back on. Kinda hard to do that with a drysuit or a tuiliq.


Dry bag for spares clothes
Once it getsz cold it gets particularly important to never be without a dry warm change of clothes in case something happens, or the weather changes and you guessed wrong on layers. So pick up a decent dry bag and a full change of warm clothes to put into it, a survival blanket too. You can get them cheap and will tear after one use, or more expensive and will last longer, but make sure you have one.

Amen to that !
I forgot to add that in my post above.

We don’t leave home with out it.



Foot Protection
The most used item I’ve bought for cool weather paddling is a pair of neoprene boots with side zippers. It’s very difficult to keep your feet dry when launching from shore but with the boots it does not matter, my feet stay warm even when wet. As already stated a change of clothes in a dry bag is a good idea also. Nylon works well, takes very little space in the dry bag and won’t absorb water so it drys quickly.

neoprene boots
hey thanks for the tip where can aperson get these boots

no wet suits?
I usually wear a wet suit when paddling. Farmer john style, 2 or 3 mm. I add a paddling jacket on top if cold. Sometimes a polypro or rash guard under it. Basically, I don’t plan to take a swim when I paddle, but dress as if I will be anyway.

Is there something about the boat set up or the location which would make a wetsuit a bad choice?

Got mine at Campmor
They are sold at most sporting goods stores as well. You might even find a good deal on Ebay, If you can stand the bidding.

It’s too warm
for a wet suit in some areas of the country. They sound like a great idea if it’s cold enough but in the South there are many warm winter days when a wet suit would be a sweatbath.