What type material is this?

This is the (partial) front of a seat pad removed from one of my kayaks. The material is 1/2" thick, soft, covered with fabric, and good to pad pressure points.

Here is the back:

I have no idea what it’s called or what glue to use. I thought it might be neoprene, but haven’t found any 1/2" thick. EVA foam? Closed cell foam?

Thanks for any help.

Perhaps others can provide some more technical detail but from my knowledge it is usually referred to as thermoformed padding. Minicell foam with a nylon fabric. I’m not sure of how it adhered but by the name I presume it’s a heat and vacuum process. Perhaps there’s some upholsterers here that can weigh in.

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Thanks, Marshall! That’s a start.

It is soft? It could be a type of dense foam that is used to pad downhill ski boots. I once bought a sheet of it to provide a grippier surface on thigh bracing than bare minicell. I glued it on top of the minicell.

The sheet I bought was thin, but the shop said it was available in other thicknesses.

Yes, it’s soft which makes it nice for padding. The remainder of that cut up seat pad will do for my current project, but I’d like to identify it for installation purposes. I’ve got some self-adhesive velcro around so that might have to do for now.

Do you recall your supplier?

I bought it at Alpenglo Sports in Golden, but that was years ago.

Thanks. I did learn that I can use contact cement for the material I have. Will keep on looking, though.