What type of craft to choose?

I recently went on the Nolichucky with Class III and IV…instantly hooked. I also live on the east coast where surf is a plenty. I have a perception touring kayak but have not been bit by the fast pace rush of waves.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding what type of kayak to purchase to be able to play around in the east coast surf as well as run up to the mountains and play around in at the most Class IV waters?

Sounds like a river running
kayak rather than creek or playboat. Lots of options. Recommend demo and buy second hand. Lots of good used white water boats out there. Without too much thinking on my part here goes… Wavesport EZ series, Riot Booster series, Necky something (Jive or Gliss or Bliss are popular plastic river/ocean surf models), Jackson Fun Series, Liquid Logic must have something, Pyranha I:3 or I:4 series, Bliss Stick Flip-stick model. Look at your weight and review makes and models of boats and again demo. Enough from me, see you downstream…

Don’t try to do both with one boat.
Get a used river-running kayak. You are not going to find a kayak that runs the Nolichucky AND surfs the coast decently. Your skills in both areas will advance faster if you accept the need for two boats.

Considerring you haven’t
had many replies to your question, you might also wish to ask online at boatertalk.

Don’t know your size, but the old Riot Trickster/Prankster (larger of the Dominatrix series) are good surfing ww boats. They even have fin boxes which really increases the ability to stay on the waveface. However, in the upper class runs (III plus and up), I think the the slicey ends will be a handicap but your may have way more skills than me. The Necky Gliss, Jive, Rip are okay surfing ww boats. Just don’t expect them to have the ability to climb back up a waveface.

I am very biased these days. I think if you have good surfing opportunities, then get a dedicated surf craft. You’ll never go back to surfing a ww boat. Then get a ww boat you feel most appropriate to the kind of runs and play you like.

If you shop the used market, it is possible to get both within $1,200, the cost of brand new ww boat. Expect $600-800 for a used surf boat and $300-$500 for a used ww boat.