What type of dry suit pants to buy?

I have a SOT that I use about once a month during the winter down here in North Florida and am looking for a set of dry suit pants. I don’t want to spend a lot of money for something that will only be worn 3 or 4 times a year. The cheapest I have found so far is NRS Endurance™ Pants @ $75.00. http://www.nrsweb.com/shop/product.asp?pfid=2587&deptid=1152

Has anyone used these dry pants or know of a better deal? Thanks in advance.


I think
they are not dry pants in the true sense. Their waist and ankle closures only help keep water out. They would be more correctly called splash pants, perhaps suitable for your use but your feet and legs will get wet to the depth that you wade in while launching /landing.

Hard pressed

You’re going to be hard pressed to find an actual Dry Pant under $75 unless it’s a paddling yard sale. In that case you will be required to let all the p-netters know where and when this yard is happening.

As to effectiveness, no drypant is absolutely dry if you are in a deep water swim. They work great for wading and will slow the water infiltration to a seep, if properly fitted, when fully immersed.

I think this thread has been expounded upon in the past so I’ll keep it brief.

Best drypant I’ve dealt with to date;

yes I qualify that)

Stohlquist Mooners II - $140

  • Wish they would add a tunnel to mesh with a drytop like the Bomber Gear used to do with the Bombardment Dry Pant.

    Florida Option

    Immersion Research Thermoskin neo pant + Immersion Research Zephyr or Splash Pant might be a very workable combination for your purposes and geography giving you flexibility for the conditions and dry-enoughness to stay out to play as long as you want.

    See you on the water,



something else to consider-
rain paints.

look at these:


I’ve carried the GoLite Reed pants in the backpack for the last 4 years…at 5oz they rule, you could easily paddle in them since it appears you dont need a true ‘dry pant’…plus you can get double duty of of them when not paddling. They are great at stopping wind too and when a thin smartwool tight is under them you will be cozy to some good temps.

GOOD suggestion…

Forgot about those in my bail out kit. I usually keep them in there just in case someone in the group gets chilled. Toss those over a pair of neoprene pants and you’re snug as a bug. Maybe a wet bug if you’re in the water but the poster is referring to FL temps not the North country. Maybe add NRS Boundary Boots so wading in is still a dry affair.

See you on the water,