What type of glue do I use?

I have some thin, closed-cell foam that I want to glue to the bottom of my kayak for comfort. Will household contact cement work or do I need something waterproof?

weldwood contact cement NM

3M adhesive spray
You can find it just about anywhere, including WalMart – about $4.95 a can and it works great – I have my foam seat glued in with it.

Just make sure which 3M spray you
get, because one of them is intended for paper paste-up.

SOLVENT-based contact cement
There are some water-based contact cements on the market (Weldwood even makes one) that are pretty much worthless for anything, let alone use in a boat. The best that I’ve found is Weldwood Gel Contact Cement, as it stays were you put it. There’s a picture of it in my Kayak Outfitting album (page 3) on Webshots at:


How about hot-melt glue? NM