What type of Kayak is this?

Thank you for letting me post to this forum.

Can anyone tell me what type of Kayak this is (ie: brand name)?


I am looking for a stable, easy to use boat for lake and gentle rivers. Nothing more than class II ever.

Stability and ease of use is my main concern.

Some one has this one for sell locally.


J. Greene

That is a Swifty.

Follow up question
Thank you for your quick response!

The Swifty is an entry-level boat, right?

I read somewhere that they are a bit cheap-o.

Do you think I will be disappointed if I purchase this boat, paddle, and vest for $190?

I am not TOO concerned with speed, but you know–speed is nice.

Again–stability and ease of use are my concerns. My little Rat Terrier will often be in the boat with me.

Thanks again.


Yes , they are , but good little boats
for trhe intended use. You dawg will like it. Looks like a good deal.

Good deal
At that price, go for it. You won’t lose anything if you resell it.

You guys are fast and helpful.

If I can get the guy to call me back I will pounce on it.

He posted the ad this morning. I was the early bird (I think). So far, no response from the seller.

Thanks again.