What type of rod holder for SIK

I have been searching through stores, web sites, and catalogs trying to figure out the best way and type of rod holders to mount on my SIK, I would prefer to have them behind me at about 5 and 7 o’clock, I have kept everything easily removable in case I just wanted to use the yak for leisure time, as of right now I’m leaning towards a flush mount that has a cap or plug to close them off when not in use, your ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

…Scotty makes a flush mount base.

Then you can buy the rod holder that is inserted into said base.

Very clean- very easy to work with.

Cabela’s sells their own brand( in actuality, it IS a Scotty brand with a Cabela’s nameplate).

When the rod holder is removed the base is only 1/4 inch above deck.

I changed over to all Scotty’s so I just buy the bases now and move the rod holders around at will. I have 5 vessels that we fish from-3 yaks and two boats. Very versatile system.

Rod holders
Scotty and Ram both make about the best of the affordable rod holders. If by flush mount, you mean the kind that sit on top of the deck, I like those. don’t care for the ones that you drill out the hole to mount the rod holder base inside of, but can see they are useful. Just be sure they have a bottom to the tube and have covers for the top. Otherwise, you may be carrying more water than you want. Of course, you could always do what i did, except on the front of my SINK. I’ve got a small storage basket from Wally World attached by bungees and zip tied two pvc pipes, 1 1/2" seems to be the right size, to each side of the basket slanted slightly forward. It would work on the back deck too.

rod holders
I have the Scotty rod holders flush mounted in front of me. I have moved them to a position that I will not hit the rod with the paddle. I troll a lot with this setup and find it extremely fishable. I have a Loon 120 SIT. The Scotty rod holders can be set a various angles that give me complete flexibility while paddleing.

Check out the article in What’s New on
paddling.net’s home page. Though the article is about rod holders for SOT’s, its adaptable.

Going to get holders 2day
Thanks for all the suggestions I’ll be going to pick up rod holders today.

Rod Holders
If you are going to troll with your rods while they are in the holders there is no substitute

for having them placed in front of you. This applies to sot’s and sink’s. I have used all of the rod holders mentioned and they all work great. It’s just a matter of preferance. (Fords &