What vine-cutting tool to run with?

What is a good vine-cutting tool to carry while trail running? The area where I run is infested with catbrier, which is a thin, tough, thorny vine. I’ve looked at machetes, but they’re too big to carry comfortably. Saws won’t work; I need something I can slash with. Any suggestions?

This will do the job, …
… and people HAVE run while carrying one.



I’m not allowed…
…to run with sharp objects. That being said…


No Slash…


What will you do? What will you do?

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So you're runnin' down the path that's clogged in hostile catbrier,
gotta get yourself that mindset like mad rushin' Freddy Dryer!
Sure, you can heed that big-bang theory of the local Guideboatguy,
till one trip you trip in gore and BANG-galore! You're gonna die!

Or perhaps Steve's got ya starin' at that lethal Woodsman's Pal,
like some Crystal Lake Jason, stalk'n prickly kitties are we now?
But as you slash limbs left-n-right quite demonic in your task,
BAM! Your faced with thorny slapshot and you forgot your hockey mask!

In more than stroll speed takes its toll with SuperTroll's pair of suggestion,
for by joggin' a super-floggin' tears you up with indigestion,
as prunin' shears cause you tears per their hangup with those vines,
when in a flash with their whiplash shears return to where you dine!

So be not pruner, Jason Pal wounder, nor bang-stick bomber there my friend,
but as said Freddy charge on steady rushin' defensive to your end,
like sendin' chain mail you will not fail if maintained in link-to-link,
you run in fashion inured of slashin' so long as catbrier finds not a chink:


Or, maybe I shoulda said Br'er Rabbit Fur?

18 or 24 inch machete
Goes on a strap diagonally across your back. It works really well and is easier to find than the 12 inch field knives that use to be so common for everything in south America from shaving to minor clearing.

Raspberry cane cutter

What a great suggestion
Checked with local authorities and they said I need to submit an environmental impact study every time I plan to run, plus, and here’s the kicker - I need a concealed firearms permit. Thanks anyway…

Think I found it
Thanks for all the great suggestions and poetry - I especially appreciate the running outfit recommendation.

I think this is what I’m looking for:


To cut somebody’s vine…
An attractive employee was living in an apartment with her husband. She liked to run on the apartment grounds in the morning, but on two successive occasions she realised that a naked man was jogging in her wake.

Her husband had bought her a little .25 automatic, so the next time she ran, she tucked it in between her lungs. When she heard Mr. Friendly behind her, she wheeled around, whipped out the automatic, and said, “That’s close enough, sucker!” Mr. Friendly and his vine were not seen again…

Ordered the Gerber Brush Thinner
I went ahead and ordered it, will post the results when I have a chance to test it out.

One does not have that problem…
…around catbrier.

In that case, a simple kitchen…
…knife helped Lorena bob it.

Naked Ed’s amongst the nettles

Ain’t it swell to hear his yell?

Some nude broker midst catbriers

sells on short, his stock just fell.

Vines that tangle rather prickly

weave their plant out from the stalk,

avoid the prick but cut the root,

scissors bust rocks on paper they’ll chalk.

I wondered when…
Lorena Bobbitt would show up in this thread. Love the puns!

All this talk of slashing!
What about a pair of Fiskars hand clippers? Or a set of hedge clippers?

Sounds like what you are cuting is similar to our Greenbrier vines. Kevlar-tough, well-thorned, dense growth. For trail maintenance I always preferred shearing over slashing. Safer, too.


Body Suit
Gotta get me one of those bodies.

Slashing is faster
The idea is to keep moving…the Gerber Brush Thinner arrived yesterday and I will try it out today.

I ordered it from the Knife Center of the Internet, normal shipping, and it got here in two days, well-packaged, with my “leave at back door” instructions clearly marked. I will be doing business with them again.

The Gerber Brush Thinner is Going Back
Shoulda listened to youse guys. Out come the anvil pruners!