Saw a kayak on the water yesterday. Didn’t get close enough to see the brand. It was a sit on, maybe 12’, seemed like it had a molded in high back seat or seat post reaching most of the way up the users back. Either the post had padding, or the user had their pfd wrapped around it. Any ideas?

Sit On Top
Sit on tops do have high backs, so it could have been your run of the mill sit on top.


Most do not have
fixed seats that extend above the top of the kayak as that limits how you can transport the kayak. Could be any SOT model with a high back seat installed.

Could have been a Manta Ray 12, for example. The new seats are fairly tall on those.



Not Native
This was a fairly tall molded seat back, looks like it was part of the yak, was the same color. Looked like a padded post you rested against.

Did it look like this?


But not it.

Seemed like the back was higher and more like a post.