what was it??

Back in the early ‘80’s while living in the Adirondacks a friend had a Stowe canoe, fiberglass, green in color with a wide,stable beam.The canoe was fairly light for one man to carry,with a removeable yoke, maybe 12-13’ in length. Canoe was also equipped with oarlocks in the gunnels allowing you to sit on the bottom with your back against one of the two seats in the canoe facing backward,which was an outstanding position to watch the tip of your fly rod when trolling! My question is, does anyone know what model I am referring to?

12’-13’ …
… maybe a Stowe made Osprey .

Merrimack canoe took over the Stowe line I believe .

You could call and talk to Merrimack to see if any other models from Stowe during that time period fit the length & width you remember .

Trolling with a fly rod ?? … didn’t know that is one of the uses for them , but hey , why not .

Trolling from a paddle craft with a
flyrod is a very effective way to catch trout on a fly. The slow speeds do not load the rod like conventional trolling, and the rod bends for a strike, allowing the hook to set like a lift strike when flyfishing, and doesn’t pull the trouts lip off.

I used to do it alot out west in mountain lakes, and also did it when floattube fishing when getting to the areas I wanted to fish.