What was this wenonah?

I was test paddling canoes last weekend. The dealer primarily specializes in Bell and Wenonah factory seconds and refurbished used (outfitter) canoes. We loaded up a trailer of tandem trippers and threw on a Wenonah I hadn’t seen before. It was 18’ long, sharp entry, arched hull, 37" gunnel width, and relatively shallow. The plate said “JenII” On the water, it was very tender and surprisingly quick for its width. I have been familar with the Wenonah line for nearly 25 years and have no clue what I just paddled. The dealer didn’t know either. The layup was ultralight kevlar with a gelcoat. Any ideas? Some type of prototype?

I’d guess Jensen 18
it’s a fast boat, typically made in racing style layups.

Too wide for a Jensen
The Jensen 18 is 33" or so at the gunnels. This was 37" (I put a tape on it).

18’ Jensen?
I really don’t remember the Jensen being near that wide at the gunwhale mid-section. It is a fairly slender boat.

Jensen 18
Gene Jensen redesigned the Jensen 18. Wenonah produced it for awhile when it was used for the standard racing class. When the standard class went to 18.5 foot canoes this canoe was dropped. The original 18 Jensen was a better rec canoe.

18 Jensen II
Sounds a lot like the Jensen II, a boat that looked a lot like a pro boat and was quite a bit quicker than the standard 18 Jensen but still made those standards.

About as stable as a V1A.


They’re 18-feet by 37 inches wide.

definitely not the champlain
The champlain was right next to it and was substantially fuller and deeper.

It sounds like you’ve pegged it
Eventhough it read “JenII” on the plate, it seemed way too wide at the max gunnel to be a redesign of the venerable Jensen 18.

18 Jensen II
I have owned two of these canoes. The 18 Jensen II was never found in the Wenonah catalog, and is still available custom ordered. Gene Jensen originally designed this boat for a canoe race in Florida called the Wild Hog Race which is on a small twisting river (Waccasassa River) with lots of obstacles. The boat has more volume than a 18 Jensen, turns on a dime, drier, and more seaworthy. It is unique in that it has Bow Flare, Rocker, Rounded Hull, No Tumblehome!! (hence the the wide width at the gunnels)

Velocity canoes can also build this boat in woodstrip; however it has less rocker.