What wetsuit for Delmarva?

Uh, rather than breaking this to you myself I’ll let this “Outside” mag article enlighten you about one of the realities of wetsuit “hygiene”. https://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-gear/water-sports-gear/case-peeing-your-wetsuit/

Yeah, that makes sense. Probably stripping off wet neoprene pants to pee is no mean feat either!

I’ll try that, thanks!

I keep a bottle of wet suit wash and mix it in a 5 gallon bucket to dump my neoprene gear in after use to soak overnight. i think there is more risk from funkiness growing from lake and river water on my gear so I always do this before rinsing and hanging it to dry. And as the article notes, you can dunk yourself holding the neck open to “flush” water through the suit before you get out of the water. Easier for surfers, but I have done that while diving or snorkeling and even after whitewater runs in my full suit or Farmer Jane.

Obviously, one should not pee in one’s suit while working in a swimming pool, but the water in them is generally not cool enough to trigger the “need to go” response – and it’s a lot easier to climb out and go use the john when you are doing pool practice.

Ah, the joys of paddling! :wink:

It’s a myth that paddlers all pee in their wet suits. Never found the need. I land at any close island. More likely to happen where there is private land and houses all over. Otherwise a simple pee bottle is the answer rather than make the ride home about more than the smell of just wet neoprene booties.

That article is spot on for the majority of surfers. Surfable waves are nature’s gift to those of who stoke on wave riding. We try to maximize our time out there with surf etiquette and with expedient practice to deal with “nature’s call.” :slight_smile:

I always have two one-gallon bottles of hot water in an insulated carry bag in the car. The 2 gallons is more than sufficient to flush/rinse saltwater, sand and whatever else off myself before fully changing out of my wetsuit. I usually will the rinse out the wetsuit and other gear in a 5 gallon bucket of hot water when I get home. I don’t smell any funkiness from my wetsuits (or it could be because I have become used to “my brand.” (shrug).