What will I need to transport kayaks?

I have a 2004 Ford Explorer. It has the roof rack on top but no crossbars. I want to use Land Sharks. What will I need to make this work?

check out

I think your boat mounts are Yakima, no?

Any brand of rack system will work I’d think. The Explorer is a pretty common vehicle.

Basically you’ll need the risers that connect to the factory rails and crossbars. As well as saddles of some sort to actually hold the boat.

Be prepared, this stuff isn’t cheap.

you’ll need …
either factory cross bars or aftermarket crossbars. in yakima brand …a set ( 4 ) of lowrider mounts and crossbar set in 48" or 54" length. or comparable gear in thule brand …factory crossbars are often much cheaper( IE: Kia sedona factory bars $160/ Yakima brand almost $300 ! ) but are not transferable between vehicles if you sell present vehicle and buy a different brand of vehicle. at least aftermarket units are transferable. good luck

can save you a bunch on Yakima, if you can wait and watch.


That is what I was looking for.
After some searching, it would be cheaper to to the all Yakima route than the factory cross bars. The lowriders + round bars is about the same price as factory cross bars, however with the factory bars I would also need $70 worth of mighty mounts to be able to mount the land sharks. Plus the Yakima stuff would be transferrable to the next vehicle.