What would be best?

I’m a total newblet in regards to kayaks but I love fishing so I’m into the beginning stages of researching which kayak would be best for flat water, lakes, slow rivers, and possibly some coastal fishing where there could be significant chop.

On top? Sit inside? I’m not sure on this issue. As for the rest, I’m not a brand hunter. I’m looking for practicality and maneuverability.

kayak fishing
Both are used for fishing. Sit on tops seem to be the most favored but there are many who fish from sit in kayaks as well. A sit in might have advantages in some weather conditions in that you can sit inside the cockpit with a spray skirt on. I have a friend that use the Necky Zoar Sport and really likes it. The good news is there are a lot of good fishing kayaks out there in both sit on and sit in configurations.

Good luck;


If you are from down south…
Get a SOT. If you are from the north get a SINK if you will be paddling in the colder weather. If you will just be paddling in the summer get a SOT

Jack L

SOT or Pungo (nm)

Total NEWBLET ??
Fishing can get very exciting.

Especially when you nave on a big one.

SOT are nice because you can put your feet out over the edge to help steady the boat.

Or get a real wide boat so you dont go swimming.

I’m a huge pungo fan.
But, “coast” and “significant chop” doesn’t bode well with the gigantic cockpit.