whatis this, some kind of scam??


No pics, no proof that it’s real.

Looks like a crock-----
No reason for me to give them any info. If they want us to look at it, they better show us something.

“Show me the money”

it was at Outdoor retail show
check this Adobe file Trak Kayaks page 18


Yes, sounds too good to be true, don’t know anymore than what I read on this website, but

the person did spend the money for a booth at the show. The phone # is in Canada.

Sounds like an inflatable with an adjustable keel.

I will post if the vendor gets in touch.


Longish Discussion Thread
on this boat here:


One of the posters got pretty het up during the exchange.


It’s real, it was at the show, …
and it looks good, albiet pricey. Still would consider the Feathercraft K-1 Expedition for heavy, remote trips over it though. It did appear like it would smoke the K-1, very nice lines in person. Don’t know how practical the adjustable keel and chines would be either, though it does work. Rocker could be varied as well as the front to rear chine/gunwhales. It could be ‘bent’ to go left or right, I guess as a form of trim in winds. Wierd… but cool.

Havent seen yet
BUT, have seen advertisements etc., and I applaud the effort to try something new. I wouldn’t invest in it, as this is a very conservative and non-technical market, but I applaud them for trying. Conceptually it’s possible…perhaps they are on to something?