Whats a good paint for royalex?

The only paint that might work
At least the only paint I know of would be krylon Fusion paint. I don’t guarantee it would work, but it has the best chance of any.


Krylon not necessary. ABS paint that
sticks well to vinyl is still available. REI has it, NOC probably has it, any dealer with access to Voyageur/Mad River can get it.

any paint
I used some paint left over from a tractor resoration. John Deere paint works well.

That’s creativity.

If you’re doing a name, use decals.
You can have them made for about $20. One for each side of the bow. Ours stick well and look great!

And, That’s Beautiful!
Not sure why, exactly, since I prefer more subdued shades when selecting automotive purchases (as much as one can when one is a used car purchaser out of immediate necessity), but I’ve always admired and fancied those lovely and colorful chromatic callings of the tractor world. IH Farmalls in candy-apple red, FoMoCo’s in their vivid blue with orange trim, the venerable screamin’ green machine with yellin’ out yellow trim that is John Deere’s signature-on-sight, and the earlier Allis-Chalmers that pierced the plains of pleated-rows of corn and wheat with their Persian Orange.

Lookin’ out upon a backyard boated with fading greens and red, I believe you have inspired me Madmike!

Nothin’ floats like a Mad River Deere, eh?