What's a good SOT seat with back rest?

Any tips on a high back SOT seat that is really comfortable? Would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Surf to Summit is very poplular.

COD Apex 1
I’ve tried a bunch of seats on my Malibu Mini X, and I found the COD (Crack of Dawn) Apex 1 seat gives me more back support than any other. It’s 19" high, and made of a fairly stiff material that doesn’t give and fold over like some of the others. It has 1 1/2" straps with a multitude of adjustment. It’s not cheap at $109 list, but if you shop around on the I-net you can find it for $20-30 less than that.

Crazy Creek Air Chair III - good deal
for a super comfortable SOT seat is on special at Campmor.com for 39.99. I bought one, after much research, and have ordered another. The reviews for air comfort are all overwhelmingly for the air seat, and this model has air for the seat with a foam type back. The straps are supportive to stop any slippage. They come in floral print colors, which may be the reason for the good price. You can feel the full seat support from the air seat, as it truly forms its shape to your form.

Didn’t plan it this way, but it worked out great, and thought I’d pass it on!

The high back seat will not comfortably facilitate a regular thick back pfd, and will work best with a mesh or thin back pfd or an inflatable model pfd.

Mini X
Row_W, tell me about your mini X and how you like it. I have been looking at it. Is it a stable YAK and can you stay fairly dry in still water?

Mini X
RouseD…I love my Mini X. So much infact that I bought a second one for my wife. It is very stable at 33" wide, it tracks well for a short kayak as it has a small keel. I haven’t had mine out in more than a foot and a half chop, but I stayed dry. I know short, wide kayaks are not built for speed, but my wife and I enjoy small water and following shorelines looking at wildlife, etc, and this fits the bill. I ordered mine with the round front hatch, and the larger rectangle hatch between your knees. Hull storage through the rectangular hatch is massive. Scupper plugs are needed in the seat area to keep your butt dry. I tried a couple of paddles, but settled on a 245cm, 29 oz paddle from Pacific Designs (www,pacificpaddles.com). I found that the wider width of the Mini X required a little longer paddle than most. Good luck with your choice.

mini X
Roy_W, Thanks for the info on the mini X. It may be what I need for a starter Yak. Actually, the more I look at Yaks, the more confused I get. My main idea was to have one as stable as possible and to stay as dry as possible also. I feel the Mini X will do this for me. I am a little reluctant to stick my neck out and buy and Extreme from Malibu Kayaks at this time until I know for sure I will enjoy Kayaking. At 1st, I was just interested in a Kayak for fresh water fishing on calm creeks. Now, I can see so much more to do with Kayaks, I am rethinking. It could come down to a matter of money. The Extreme will cost about $1000, and the Mini X about $450. With my conservsative nature, the mini X may be what I end up with.

You’ll enjoy the Mini-X, but the
Extreme will be faster and more fun for exploring bigger water. The Mini is stable and will take you there, but the better glide and efficiency of paddling a longer kayak is difficult to beat. Also, you can carry more gear, though if you are a one or two rod, a few lures kind of person, the Mini will work.

Mini X
Jerlfletcher, Thanks for the info again. I was not planning on spending the money it would take for the Extreme, but I am rethinking the entire thing. I think I will try to find a dealer where I can try an Extreme out. Therer are so many possibilities for uses with the Extreme over the Mini X. Not exactly sure what i will do, but i am glad you’ve enlightened me further.

Kayak fishing is all about compromises.
If available in your area, check out other brands. In the under 10 ft range, the Mini-X appears to be the best. For the most part, give or take personal likes and dislikes, to me, it appears that almost all the longer SOT’s designed for fishing do a good job of getting you there and back. After that, its the nuances that make a difference, especially glide and efficiency. I don’t like to talk about speed, none of the fishing SOT’s are especially speedy. The differences are relatively small between them in that category, but some glide better and paddle more efficiently than others. Generally, shorter turns better though.