What's after my POS

I’d like to improve my POS boat but don’t know what boats are the next one to look at. …

Is there any boats that meet these requirements:

Able to use in class l-ll and a possible lll if the water is really rolling.

Able to take a couple of hundred yards off shore. Wether it be the ocean or Santee cooper. Hopefully not getting caught by the nasty weather both places can get.

Able to carry overnight/weekend gear. I don’t need much room as I have my camping gear super light and compact.

Is there a boat like this or do I need a different one for the river? I’d be searching for used. Just kinda looking for brands/styles to start looking at and reading about.

If it matters Im 5’7", 170#…

How do I find a
Demo going on at a lake. Is there a site anywhere to find info like that? Then I could try different boats and maybe help in my discussion…

Kayak or solo canoe?


How much money are you prepared to spend?

I’m not one who believes that the best way to proceed is to keep working your way up from boat to boat. To some extent that might happen anyway, but if it’s in your budget, why not go for the real deal?

is there a real deal?
I tend to agree with you but I’m not sure there’s a crossover that meets all his needs.

tennessee paddlers
Your profile says tennessee. Anyone from TN able to help here?

You can try this link:


Or google Canoe and Kayak schedule, the magazine posts some of these events. Then I’d call local vendors and ask about demos.

Lots of boats
There are several sit-on-tops that can do all of that…

I have several friends who paddle Tarpon 120’s up to a mile off shore on the OBX and also use them small mouth fishing on class I/II (III) water on the New and James Rivers. Most of the big manufacturers have a similar boat. Anything longer than 12 ft becomes too tough to turn in the river.

My wife paddles a LL Coupe. It is certainly capable of class II/III water and I wouldn’t hesitate to take it a little ways off shore. It is not as fast as most other boats, but the skeg at least makes it track pretty well.

the crossover of my dreams:

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Sterling Reflection:


If you're leaning toward open water and surf. Or, if you're not, but you need a push!

Looks like that is the type of boat I’m after… Someone asked about the budget and it is about 1200 for a used one maybe this fall. Then my wife needs a used one too. Maybe hers in the winter…

Not likely
your chance of finding a Sterling in Tennessee is pretty rare and the chance of finding one for $1200 is even more rare.

In this case–for the use you intend, I would suggest sticking with well built polyethylene boat.

I was stating that it looks like I need to look into the crossovers. … I know I can’t afford the sterling. But it is a sweet looking boat…

I appreciate all of the feedback you have given me . I have also been reading the other threads started by beginners.

It’s all of you with experience and knowledge that helps us off on the right foot and hopefully learn some from yours and our mistakes.

tell us what you end up getting
…and how it suits the purpose. It might help someone like yourself some day.

Good luck!