What's comprable to a victory blast kaya

We bought a victory blast kayak for our oldest of two sons. He fell in love with it. Now his younger brother wants one and they appear to be retired?! What is the closest thing this type of kayak? Our family has just gotten into kayaking and love it. We are just novices and want to buy the right thing.

Not retired at all
They’ve got them at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and several other sources.

I have a Blast, a Swifty, a Pamlico, a Montour, and a Caster. The Swifty is the favorite sub-10’ boat. Tracks as straight and is quicker through the water, but is also has a little less initial stability. If you’re exploring small places, I really like the Blast.

Wilderness Systems Critter…
It looks like a very cheaply made boat.

Hope they are not doing whitewater in it.

It will tend to fold up if it gets pinned.

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what makes them bad??
Wilderness Systems is a good company, and my Pamlico 140 has been good to me quality wise. Do they use GEN2?? If so, I dont think it would litterally fold up.

Swifty, Otter, OT Rush

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All will perform exactly the same as the Blast.

But if you are buying a second boat, why not take a step up, and look at something in the 12 foot range, and a little narrower? They will track straighter, and be easier to paddle.

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I used to have one. While it is a good kayak for the price to get started, I find the Heritage Featherlite 9.5 to be quite a bit better. Thicker plastic, better hull speed, better overall design IMO. There are plenty of satisfied users out there that use the Blast and if it gets you out on the water, thats the main thing, but… Oh, I forgot, the seat always came loose and was very cheap.