What's going on with the Koru?

Old Town was making Korus a couple of years ago, but I

don’t see them available anymore. That is, except for the

special edition models.

I was interested in the canoe, and wanted to find out

more about it from reviews, but it seems to be going into


Anybody know what’s up with the Koru?

I don’t know, but would like to. I sure liked the look of that one. Renewed my faith in the Old Town Canoe company - making something excellent and beautiful as well as all their price-point stuff.

No more composites…period.
Old Town has completely discontinued production of all composite canoes. I believe 2008 was the last year they produced any composites.

Farming out W/C too?
Wow, too bad, they made some pretty great canoes.

top brass at Johnson Outdoors ??

Outsourced wood as well!
They still have ONE paddler left in the company though.

Not sure, but I know where you can get a great deal on a black kevlar one…never even been sat in…stored in a showroom.

All carbon
The black Koru’s were all vaccuum infused carbon fiber hulls.

Koru Limited Edition
Rutabaga has a Limited Edition Koru. There were only 50 of these commemorative models manufacted by Old Town. Own a piece of history for only $4999.

Fine looking canoe.
I would haggle with Rutabaga on the price.

The Maori symbol Koru =
The fern fronds represent life, new beginnings, life unfolding, growth and harmony. The stylization of the Koru represents the spirit of rejuvination.

Good one for the kids to wear.