What's it worth??

I hope someone out there can help me. I know nothing about resale value on kayaks, so any input would be greatly appreciated. I have a Necky Zoar, 16’, rudder, plastic, been in the water twice and stored inside since new. It’s a few years old but in new condition. It’s original price was around $1300, I got it on sale for around $1000. Any suggestions on what a fair asking price would be?? Thanks in advance.

Post it on Pnet, your local craigslist, and maybe Ebay. How quickly you sell it will depend on where you live.

I figure…
…about $75.00. Where do you live and I’ll be there in a little while to pick it up???


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I appreciate the honest input... puddlefish, but matmac - think you might've forgotten at least a zero...

A local dealer
usually gets between 60 and 70% of new for kayaks in similar condition.

I sold the same boat for $500
but mine had been used a fair amount.I tried higher prices ,but never got a bite.

That’s the problem
Most people have an inflated idea of what their boat is actually worth. Priced at about 50% of retail, they’ll usually sell very quickly if in good shape.

Just helped a friend purchase an almost brand new Capella 161 in Kevlar. Price was $2,000 and new they are $4,000. The seller had been trying to sell the boat for quite a while with no takers–again, it was overpriced.

Didn’t think you’d go for it…
What you get for it will depend on who’s looking. If someone wants that particular one they will probably pay 75% for a used one in new condition.

I just sold a 3 year old good shape $800 kayak for $500 and had 5 people lined up behind him to buy it.

If you have patience you may get 75% but if you want to unload you may have to settle for 50.

good luck


max is wholesale for excellent shape.
10%-20% less than wholesale and it starts looking attractive. If you try and sell it at something above wholesale you’re trying to compete with stores,also anyone who’s looking at used stuff is looking for DEALS. They aren’t looking for retail less 10%-20% because they can find that with patience following sales.

Depends on where you live but puddlefish got it at $800 max if you have a retailer within a reasonable distance. You could start at $800 and go down from there.