What's it Worth?

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I have a Infinity Beretta fiberglass sit on top kayak with rudder. It was given to me and I don't know what it is worth. I cannot find anything online about it. Year unknown. Does anyone have any insight on how much this kayak may be worth? Thanks for any help.

Post a pic
There are Infinity tandem wave skis with rudders that run about $2500 but I doubt that is what you have.

Where are you located … any other info on the boat … decals, stickers, signed?

Link to pic above
I will see if there are anymore stickers, etc. on the kayak. Thanks.

Length? Hard to tell from the photo.

Length and Extra Info
13 feet. And, Nona Fiberglass Company is on the boat. Maybe it’s worth about $200.00

Probably an Infinity Wave Ski

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Infinity makes sit-on-top wave skis for surfing. It is probably worth more than $200 if it is in good shape.

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Not a waveski …

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Possible infinity sticker but I don't think it's from Steve Boehne's infinity company. You can look up his email on Infinity Surfboards webpage and email him. They make lots of craft in his shop but mostly surfboards, waveskis and paddle boards.

Actually since it's public here it is :

Send steve the pic and ask if he knows what it is.


Thanks, will send message