What's next best to kevlar Jensen 17?

I love my fiberglass Jensen 17, but would like a much lighter, used kevlar version. Haven’t seen any listed on-line within 300 miles of Franklin, NC (near Asheville and TN line). So what’s next best in used kevlar–and hopefully more readily available–if you can’t find a Jensen 17? Thanks!

Bell NorthStar or Swift Kipiwa. Neither are race boats, but they are high performance short class fliers.

Another consideration would be a Sawyer Cruiser, but unlikely to be found used.

JackL and see if you can get his Jensen17(skincoat,

natural kevlar) He just bought a Savage River Susquhanna and might be persuaded to part with

the Jensen.

Pardon my density, but I’m not sure how to reach JackL, but am interested. Just signed up on Paddling.net today. Thanks.

Other choices
Next to a used kevlar 17’Jensen would be a new Kevlar 17’Jensen. They are still made, just moved to the racing catalog.

The Escape is as fast as the 17’Jensen and deeper. It is 6" longer, but otherwise paddles very like the Jensen.

A used 18’Jensen will be lighter than your 17’fiberglass Jensen, and quicker.

You don’t see Jensen’s selling used very often. When people who own them change canoes, someone in the family or a close friend is usually there to buy the canoe the minute it is available.

The other method of finding a used 17’ Jensen for sale is to check the various big outfitters that sell off their rental boats on a scheduled rotation. Piragis and others in Minnesota, Mac’s Canoes and others in the Adirondacks; and the local racing associations like NYMCRA, St. Lawrence Valley Paddlers, etc.

As far as the mentioned Bell models being a substitute for a Jensen, that is a matter for a long debate. The podium at a canoe race is a good indicator of what paddles efficiently in the stock and recreational classes. And if its not a Jensen or Minnesota II is might be a Grasse River or Savage River, but rarely is it a Bell, even their fastest, the Mystic.


No, it is not for sale.
that boat has given us many years of happy paddling, and it will give us many more.

It will be heading to Florida along with our two kayaks, and will once again be used in the rivers, marshes and Everglades.

It’s foot and a half length less then the Susquehanna makes it perfect for that, plus we race it in the New river every year.

I would suggest that you do as Bill Miller below suggests and call up Bryan at Mac’s Livery, up in the Adirondacks

He should have a used one, and his used ones are like new.

If I can’t fit it on my roof along with my Susquehanna, Jim Normandin is also heading up there, and I don’t believe he has any boats on his roof at all

Jim is your neighbor from Greenville SC, and I am your neighbor a little to the east over by Spruce Pine.

There is also a outfitter down in Atlanta, that had one at the Chatahootchee Race a few months ago, and he might be willing to part with it. I think he would because we were toying with replacing ours with a new one, and asked him about it.

My wife is playing down in the front yard, (in the creek) with a million of our grandchildren, and as soon as she comes up I’ll ask her if she remembers his name.



Thanks JackL
Thanks for your advice. I’ll sure follow up and if your wife does recall the outfitter, I’d appreciate that too.


Escape depth
Speaking of depth – why does Wenonah state that the Escape is a “deeper” version of the MN II, when their depth dimensions are seemingly identical (2009 catalog)?

A little off topic, I guess.

Change in dimensions
In the 2006 Wenonah catalog the Escape, Escapade, and Minnnesota II all have different depths, but in 2007 they are listed as all having depths of 20" at the bow, 12.5 in the middle and 16" at the stern. This i believe is a computer aided typo. The Escape is 20.5" at the bow, 13.5 at the center, 17" at the stern.

Going from a 17’ Jensen to the Escape, the depth is really noticable. The first time i paddled an Escape it felt like sitting in a bathtub, the sides felt that high. It sure does not paddle like a bathtub. If the Escape was available the year i bought my 17’Jensen i would have bought the Escape.


She thinks it is High Country Sports
but is not sure.


Didn’t mean to imply
That the Bell NStar or Swift Kip were race hulls, just good, high performance hulls for a compact team, whom, I assumed, were not racers.

The Tuttle designed Sawyer Cruiser, now from Steve Scott is a valid, downsized USCA race spec hull and of similar vintage as the Jensen 17.

It’s a sad fact that the Sawyer and Wenonah-Jensen will never match hull speed with 18.5’ bottoms. So it goes.

Deeper in 2009
the Minn 2 was made deeper in 2009, added a full inch to the bow and stern I believe and at least 1/2 inch at the center. the Escape was a scaled down Minn 2 that was too wet, so depth was added to make it drier. I like the Escape.