What's odd on this Sirocco listing?

What’s odd on this Sirocco CD kayak?

I was interested but…

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Looks like a dent near the bow but that could be shadow. Unsure. My CD has more scratches on the bottom but they’re sure not from being placed on a rack or moving the boat around on land. Priced quite low.

Realized it’s poly. Listed as new. Thought it was painted at first. Asked a few questions but no answer from seller.

All Siroccos are poly - the composite version is the Gulfstream.


Oh yeah I forgot. Listed as new…

Looking closely at ALL the photos, I am pretty sure it is just very shiny and there are a lot of reflections. You can even see the sawhorse crossbar reflected in the hull in one closeup from the outdoor shots. With all those different views I don’t note any major distortion.

Looks like a really clean example to me. I used to own one in that color and it didn’t look that nice. I recall mine having a different skeg control knob but couldn’t find any pics of it. I think mine was a 2007. Good boat but a little large/high volume for me.

edit found a pic and my skeg control was the same.

My Sirocco is 15 years old and it’s still like brand new. It isn’t like I don’t use it; I’m just very careful with my boats. They never get dragged anywhere and I always enter and exit in the water. Three things that CD should have done better is use one size bigger bungy cords on the deck and on the bungies that hold up the back band. They also should use a better glue on the black plastic tape they cover the faux deck hull seamline with.

The Sirocco is very dependent on the skeg. That’s not to say that is a bad thing. I seldom have to use the full skeg, but I also seldom paddle without at least a partial deployed skeg.

As with any boat, especially poly boats, straightness of the keel line (not counting rocker) and the rest of the boat for sags etc. is essential. Current Designs polyethylene boats seem to be pretty sturdy–comparatively.

The Sirocco is a great all around boat–not the fastest boat on the water, but it’s not bad and it loves rough water. One thing about the Sirocco that I find a very big plus is that if you do happen to get dumped the boat will right itself if you just stay seated and you’re wearing a pdf with sufficient floatation. As I said, stay seated, lay out beside the boat, twist your torso to become parallel with the boat (lay back toward the stern) and the boat will right itself with an unbelievable force. No paddle bracing required. That of course is going to depend on several factors having to do with your build. The first time it happened to me, I couldn’t believe how fast it popped up. I didn’t even have my skirt on, so there was a little bit of water in the cockpit, but not enough to dampen the instant return to upright status.


They could put looks like new but how can he call it new he’s the owner not a dealer. Never told me the year.

Many sellers seem not to understand the definition of “new.”

“Like new” would be more appropriate but Ebay doesn’t offer that in the drop down menu when you post an item. I’m guessing that’s why the seller put the “new” in quotes.

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Do the Siroccos all have that plastic gasket around the skeg box? It looks like something that could get caught up.

Also, don’t forget that ebay now collects sales tax so add that to any final price.

As far as I know, they do. Never had a problem with mine, though I alsways thought the general fit of the skeg box hardware could have been better.

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