What's Royalex good for?

I’ve finally given up the ghost on my beater Dagger Impulse. Im going to scavenge parts off it and was wondering if I should save any of the hull before scraping it. Any ideas what I might use it for? Also for those of you who’ve helped me on my C-1 outfitting thread, I’m still working on it, but time availability has put the project on hold for a bit.

Thanks, Warren

Diana was a Royalex.

My next project
Oh your in CA - - - to far for me. Otherwise, I’d pick it up and save yopu the worry.

Shouldn’t that go: “… is a Royalex.”

She “was” a Royal, now a Royalex.



Ok, to the question. Old Royalex good

Not much really. If it is really old enough to give up on is is very likely also brittle, ugly, …

Make real good worm farms.

If you really like to show you like canoes, make a planter out of it. I know of a few paddlers that have canoes as raised planters in their front yards.

A sand box for the kids?

And so on …



I sawed an old fishing boat in half
a few years ago and stood the halves in the yard. I called it “Boathenge”. The wife made me remove it after a few days. It was aluminum though, and I sold it for scrap. You could cut the dagger in half, stand the halves up and put shelf boards in them. Store you canoeing gear in your canoe shelf.

She was a royal divorcee. Several of
Henry the Eighth’s wives became royalex, and ex survivors.

Maybe …
Maybe a wading pool?

Outdoor bathtub?

Worm farm?

Bird bath for big birds?

Dip tank for flea/tick dip for animals.

Raised flower bed?

I saw on old aluminum 17 footer that someone made into a couch.

Could you reinforce it so it wouldn’t flex & make a swing out of it?

Coy pond?

Donate it to a swiftwater rescue class.


Got kids?
If it is still able to stay afloat, why not hand it down to your kids or neice/nephews or neightbor’s kid or something as a starter canoe for the next generation?