whats the best rod holder?

what are the most reliable rod holders out there for a small cockpit kayak? i also would like to know what other typ of fishing gear works well(anchors,cleats,and landing nets). i ask this because im trying to out fit my touring kayak for lake fishing.

A small wire basket
from KMart, yes, Martha Stewart, everyday, works great! Use nylon ties to secure an 8" long piece of 1.25" I.D. plastic pipe to each corner. You can add some foam to adjust the angle you want the rods at, or make them point straight up for carrying. Attach the basket to a thwart or a piece of .25" plywood on the floor. For maximum space usage, you can put other items inside the basket. Superlight! Good fishing! mickjetblue

scotty style
scotty style with flush mount…if your willing to put a hole in the boat

I like recessed rod holders if boat and owner permits. Lower center of gravity, stronger, cleaner lines and less likely to harm the paddler if things turned bad in the surf.