What's the biking equivalent of NRS?

What website is a good site to go to for good deals on biking equipment? Today I went to REI’s garage sale and bought a scratch and dent Burley Solo trailer for pulling a kid while you are riding your bike (I only plan to use it on an even, fairly flat paved hike-and-bike trail along a bayou behind my house). It is normally more than $300, but I got it for $50 because it was missing its hitch. So I need to buy the hitch and am looking for a good biking equipment website that might have that, plus the jogger kit for it. Can anyone recommend one?

(I also got a Harmony Adventure fiberglass TAP paddle for $19.)

barely related, if you are looking for fast 26x1.5 tires the Schwalbe Marathon racers are exceptionally fast and comfy.


Blue Sky Cycling, pricepoint.com, and

Always good deals at pricepoint if they have what you’re looking for.

Thanks, guys, awesome!

Online shopping is great but
also be sure to visit your local bike shop. You’ll find a small business owner who truly cares about all things bicycling. Do yourself and them a favor, spend your hard earned dollars boosting your local economy.