whats the cheapest touring kayak

good advice everyone maybe i will just wait.my kayak sure does the job now .but i for sure hope to get a new 1 someday

Look for a used Perception Sonoma 13.5
on craigslist. I’ve seen them for as low a $500, but not in my part of the country in the midwest. You’ll need a float bag for the bow, unless you’re loading it with gear.

I agree with Kudzu !
jack L

I saw at least four different Kayaks
here under the classifieds that might be in your price range. Trying to help if I can

jack L

Thanks Jack
If I was dumb enough to sell a nice 16 foot boat and throw in a nice paddle for $600 there’s bound to be another dummy out there.

i need to hit lotto
lol i never play it unless its like 250 mill.its always expensive for fun stuff.but i will be patient

If I can build one (two, actually), anyone can build one!

Sad fact
Kayak touring is largely a middle class activity (for good reason: it’s an expensive hobby), and at a time when the middle class is being squeezed, it’s getting harder to do.

The alternatives, as this thread has shown, are to be a bargain hound and buy used, or to make your own stuff (boat and paddle).

If you go the latter route, you might end up with an SOF boat and a Greenland paddle. Grow a beard, learn some fancy rolls, and suddenly you’re the hippest kid in class.

im good at fixing stuff
but im preety bad at wood work i doubt i could build a kayak

local CL boats
I looked on the Atlanta Craigslist posts and there is this for $350 with float bags and paddle (read the user reviews here on P.net – could be a good transition to a touring boat):


plus someone is selling a Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 for $800 (a bit high, I would offer him $600 and see if you can get it for $700 – it is a $1000 boat new.)

Unfortunately when I look at some of
the ads, I think there are way too many people trying to make a living from selling boats rather than trying to help their fellow paddlers.

Many of the boats are way over priced.

Jack L

well looks like im outa luck
even the small amount of money i thought i had has to go to a bill.but im still lucky there are some folks with no kayak at least i have my pelican.it gets me on the water and aint bad for what it is ty for all the adive everyone i just have to use it latter then i thought perhaps 2 quarter of 2012

Anyone Can Build Kayaks…
…and make paddles…it really isn’t rocket science. I build stitch and glue, 17’, 24" beam, 45 lb. sea kayaks from 4mm marine ply, FG tape and epoxy - the average boat costs me less than $500 in top-of-the-line materials and about 60 to 80 hours of labour, little of it skilled! The boats are solid, capable, seaworthy touring kayaks with fore and aft bulkheads. There are lots of S&G designs out there, with several (like the excellent Point Bennett) being free. Tom Yost’s free plans for skin-on-frame kayaks produce lovely boats, very simple and inexpensive to build.

If money is really tight, and you have time, some patience and a minimal ability to learn, Do-It-Yourself is absolutely the way to go…you get far, far more boat-for-buck than you can buy. And once you’ve done that first one, you’re set for life for kayaks…

The Kayak Building Bulletin Board, maintained by Nick Schade of Guillmot Kayaks, is a stellar resource for anyone interested in building their own boats. There’s lots of very knowledgeable builders there, very helpful and willing to share ideas, techniques and ways around problems with the newest of newcomers.


some great deals near you in FL

Including a composite Sparrow Hawk for under 1k.