whats the cheapest touring kayak

due to well life its self i wasn’t able to come up with money for a decent kayak that cost a lot so whats is the cheapest touring kayak that dont suck? used kayaks around here seem to be gold so i may just by it new

o forgot to add
im 5 foot 5 160 lbs but am dieting til i get 140 to 150.main reason i want new kayak is for more speed and better tracking

How cheap?
Am Dagger Alchemy may work well for you; I think they retail for around $1200.

wow looks like im out of luck
i was hoping for like 550 bucks.cant risk spending more in this economy.looks like ill be stuck with my current kayak for a bit

.try Craigslist for used boats …expect to pay at least $500 , also expect to have to travel some distance if you find a boat at the price you wanna pay. I bought a Seayak off Craigslist but it was a 7 hr roundtrip to go get it. Good Luck.

Ditto craigslist
There are boats to be found! I found my Artisan in Connecticut and drove there from NJ to pick it up. Paid $1600 for it and it was 4 years old and in mint condition. A new one would have been twice that amount.



Perception Sport Conduit 13…
This boat might be worth it. I picked one up at dick’s friday, have not had it out yet. It is 13’ long (ok, 12’10" I think) front and rear dry hatches with foam bulk heads, comfy seat (I had the same seat pads on my prior kayak, 3 hours was never a problem at all), and appears to be well built. They are just using the mold from the retired Dagger Catalyst 13.0, which gets good reviews. It is capable of taking a rudder, too.

Price is $599.99 till sometime in June. Darn good price, and a lot of kayak for the money. I personally don’t need a $2000 sea kayak…I would someday like to build one of Pygmy Boats stitch and glue wooden kayaks though!

great advice everyone i try all avenues above

Try local clubs, rental passes…
There are a few clubs here which give you unlimited access to a whole fleet for around $200 for a year. There’s rental outfits that offer seasons passes as well.

Do some research and see if there’s anything in your area similar.

There are no touring kayaks
for $550 new. Lower-end small kayak for short touring of a light person would cost $900-1300. Conduit 13 is discounted now, so this might be an opportunity, don’t know, didn’t try it. 13ft won’t have too good tracking (you asked about it), and poly kayaks develop oil-caning after a while so tracking gets screwed up again. But to get anything better, you have to go over $1200.

Half-decent paddle, spare paddle, skirt and PFD will cost you another $350-400 - I hope you’re aware of that. And another couple hundred bucks for throw line, paddle float, pump, etc. And sales tax on top of all this.

You forgot to tell how long “touring” - 3 days? Ok, may be. 10 days, in a 13ft kayak - don’t know, even for 150 lbs person with no fresh water on board. It’s more a problem of available room (volume) than carrying weight capacity. Carrying half of the stuff on deck - yeah, I’ve seen such travelers, and wouldn’t do this on fast rivers or open water.

Make your own!


look in the wood frame section.


What are you riding now?

Dicks is having a big sale right now and at our location Columbus Ohio, they are offering a Rhythm 14 for 499. It has strap down hatches and comes in yellow and red. Might be worth a look.

Dicks is having a big sale right now and at our location Columbus Ohio, they are offering a Rhythm 14 for 499. It has strap down hatches and comes in yellow and red. Might be worth a look.

I’d hit up craigslist. You’ll end up with a better quality boat for the money. I just bought a Prijon Seayak & and a Looksha 17 with paddles, life jackets, spray skirts, & a bunch of other accessories for $800. You may not get that lucky but deals are out there.

pelican pursuit 100
pelican pursuit 100 it was ok at first and still is ok i just want a faster boat

how is this kayak
was on sale today at dicks sporting goods for 299 will it be faster then my pelican pursuit 100


Naw Man
Look for a used plastic boat. 15 - 17 feet. Be patient.

Gotta have one
The absolute best cheapest


opps 399