Whats the paddling like around Alpena MI--- for those in the know.

Due to continues health issues, we have decided to move. Always like the Alpena area— still up north but a bit closer to “civilization” with out being too close. Petosky area is wonderful, but areas that we would want to live are out of our willingness to spend range. Will be making a road trip to Manistee and probably Ludington someday.

All the areas mentioned would bring us closer to better health systems (damn I hate thinking that way but,) still will have a true winter that probably ends a tad sooner than the good ol UP. All areas seem to also have an abundance of state and local park/recreaton areas. That’s something that we don’t have as much here because our waterway is actually an industrial type riverfront or owned by the Corp for support of the locks.

One little thing that we noticed in Alpena downtown and nearby residential areas was that the sidewalks and parking lots weren’t being overtaken with grass etc. Sort of a maintenance thing that isn’t a big priority up here. The Soo is a poor old town and suffers from all the problems that are associated. But we do like the relaxed laid back attitude. Maybe things are to laid back up here. The activity of Alpena and the times at my witch doctor in Petosky is a bit out of our comfort zone. But something will have to give.


The sunrise side of the state is a nice place to paddle. I’ve paddled Lake Huron and have been looking at the Sanctuary Kayak Launch on the Thunder Bay River which shows lots of miles to explore in the Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary. http://www.us23heritageroute.org/location.asp?ait=av&aid=5616

You can launch onto Lake Huron from Blair Street Park in Alpena. No doubt lots of other launch sites but I don’t get over to that side of the state much since there’s so many paddling opportunities nearby.

Health care options are important no matter where you live. Petoskey has Alpena beat in that respect, as confirmed by the annual U.S. News Best Hospitals annual report.

As you apparently plan to continue with your Petoskey doctor, have you considered areas further north of Petoskey? The Cross Village area has some reasonable real estate and is only 25 miles north of Petoskey, but with a population of 285 it may be smaller than you wish. Laid back it is, even in the summer.

Tough that you have to make the move since you’ve invested so much time and expense in fixing your place, but the most important thing is to live where you’ll be happy and comfortable.

If you do get an Alpena address, let me know and I’ll drive over so we can paddle the Thunder Bay River!

If you need to hang closeish to Petoskey then you could also slide a bit south to the poor (east) side of Antrim county. If you don’t need to be right on water and keep a hygienic distance from Gaylord prices can be pretty reasonable.

Rookie-- we are going to more fully explore Petoskey area as its a great area. 45 years ago we recall saying that we should move to the area. Had gone to a Kinks concert at Castle Farms in Charlevioux. Didn’t think the medical thing would be so important so early in our “do as we want years.”

Thought about TC, but where we would want to live—downtown or near downtown— just couldn’t happen financially unless a real major fixer upper. We will be leaving a large part of our fixer upper budget up here and don’t quite have the moxie for another major redo. Also. don’t want to be to close to brother and SIL.

Alpena seems to have the structure we like— downtown getting fixed up, water ways, easy walking in residentail areas and parks plus a decent start of bike paths. My immune and hemolytic system may be underattack, but I got some great looking legs and lung power for days. Kayaking was going to be for upper body. Of course non of these activities we do for excercise-- we do them for enjoyment, fresh air and being together.

It is however a beautiful morning in the Soo, about 62 and no wind------ any ideas on what to do?

Well, Yooper, I hope we both had the same idea: paddle! Was a lovely day down here as well. Wanted to get in a 15-mile paddle and had Google-measured the lake I wanted to circumnavigate. Google was off by four miles. I guess I could have paddled two more miles out then back to my launch, but got lazy.

Rival’s suggestion of Antrim County is a good one. Load of nice paddling venues you would like. The Chain of Lakes starts in Antrim County. A 30-mile section of the water trail is in Antrim County through placid water and natural areas. Loads of wildlife: raptors, eagles, river otters, swans, etc. Not much boat traffic until you get to Clam Lake, which runs into Torch Lake.

Have fun exploring, especially when the autumn colors begin to shine.