What's the stern protector called?

I bought a beat up old town loon with a replaceable stern protector plate. You know, the hard black plastic piece that screws on. Don’t know what it’s called. Need to replace one for a Loon 100.

“Abrasion-resistant skid plate protects stern from beach debris”

I replaced mine with a piece of PVC pipe for use as a mount for my fish finder. pretty much anything could be used if you can cut it to the right size and drill the holes in the correct places. Be sure to use SS screws.

yeah, if i had a piece of hard apple wood, I would. If I can buy a replacement for $10, I would do that too. Don’t know how to search for them because I don’t know what they’re called. Wilderness Systems calls theirs “skid plates”.

I would try to just get in touch with Old Town.

I use old cutting board material from the kitchen.

Old Town says they hope to have a machine in within a month to begin making them in-house. I won’t wait for them. They call them “skid plates” as well. I’ll find a piece of hardwood and seal it with spar varnish.