What's the story with Maine flooding?

I’ve been planning to do the Moose River Bow this coming weekend, but hear that Maine has some kind of state of emergency going on due to flooding. Can anyone comment whether western Maine is affected? I’d hate to drive 10 hrs only to have to turn around.

As an alternative I’m planning to head out to do Long Lake into the Raquette for the weekend as long as that’s not flooded as well.

to a swath cutting through NE MA, SW ME, into central NH. This is path created by a low pressure system dropping in from the midwest and high pressure system in the Maritimes.

My understanding was the sun was out in Northern ME yesterday.

I doubt the area you’re headed is a problem. If it is now, it should clear by the weekend. Can always call the local town manager.


You’ll be fine
The rain is a little more widespread but the flooding is localized to a band from northern and eastern MA through south-central and southeastern NH and into York County in ME, which is on the coast. I’ve been kayaking down the main street of a town near me in coastal NH and it’s all good! Western ME is completely normal for this time of year and you’ll have no problem. I concur with Sing though; call the town manager or DPW where you intend to put in (if they have a DPW).

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I just discovered the thread "NH is underwater"


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Said before through the years on PNet, Mother Nature does what she does and we do what can to deal before, during and after. So far, there is property damage in New England but, fortunately, no loss of life. Very good, as things can be replaced though undoutably there are hardships involved. The rest of us can do what we can (or are willing to) to help and then move on with our lives.

Should folks show you receipts for donations to Tsunami, Katrina and Pakistani earth quake relief efforts to show they can care about those affected by disasters but still go on with their own lives?

Anyway, I believe living life, enjoying and appreciating each day (as well as to have some compassion for others) are among the things we can gain from seeing the bad events that befall others (and sometimes us). Each day can be the last. With this understanding, I think folks perhaps can learn to be just a tad bit more gentle on each other.

One can hope.


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would ellicit a sigh and apologize. A thousand miles away, all we see are pictures of water rushing through the streets. I saw it on TV and felt bad. Thought immediately of P.Net and the paddling community in the area I have recently come to know over the internet. Went to the computer to see if there would be any word, and found this. Sorry, I'll be guilty as charged of whatever flak I take. Just caught a little off guard.

…it just means we…
…don’t have to drive far to launch our boats now. Well, at least until the water recedes that is. Just wish I had a ww boat…


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no loss of life. Lots of folks lost property but heeded warnings about the flood situation and got out or stayed out of harm's way. Funny thing is that sometimes in heavy rains, but far less than this recent round, folks get drawn to swollen rivers and somehow fall in tragically. Hasn't happened (knock on wood) this round because the magnitude of what was forecasted to happen got out and folks took the warning to heart.


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