What's the truth?

What’s the truth about the Riot Brittany 16.5? Amazon says it’s 16.5 feet long and weighs 51 pounds. Paddling.com says it’s 15’ 10" and weighs 63.1 pounds. All other stats match. I’d love to buy one at 51 pounds, not so sure about 63.1.

I’d ask the manufacture. I recently purchased two tandem rec kayaks and they weighed seven pounds more than the Amazon seller stated (not sold by Amazon llc). The manufacturers website was correct. And models can change from year to year so keep that in mind too.

15’ 10" 66.1 pounds http://www.riotkayaks.com/flatwater-2/sea-kayaks/brittany-16/

You can’t handle the truth!!!

Always cross check any specifications on Amazon with the actual manufacturer. Postings on Amazon tend to be a hot mess.