whats the warranty on my kayak ???

Whats the warranty on the Pamlico 140 ???

Not to be a smart a__
but, when you buy something new, it should come with papers, including warranty information. Didn’t you get any?

I got…
I got one Pamlico 140 , one owner’s manual, and a registration forum. no waranty info.

Assuming you registered the boat with the manufacturer…

Whatever warranty, if it exists, for a plastic boat is likely to be quite limited, because there is not a lot that is likely to break on it.

But this is the kind of question you should be asking the dealer who sold you the boat.

Tail light warranty
Depending on where you bought the boat it may have a “Tail Light Warranty” which means, when they can’t see your tail lights any more…the warranty is over.

also called a 50/50 warranty…50 feet or 50 seconds, whichever comes first


Best Wishes


Life time warranty…
…to the original owner, non-transferable. I owned a Pamlico 100 for 5 months, so that’s how long the warranty lasted.


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My Pamlico 140 is made by wilderness systems and I know it's a very famous name-brand company so it should be nice quality.

WS isn’t any better than most out there, worse than some. The leaking cape horns, leaking hatches on tempests, badly oil canning Duralite models and even worse oil canning Northstars to name a few issues.

Famous brand name…

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...means nothing. Think Firestone.

However, this doesn't mean your Pamlico isn't a fine boat.



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Cripes man, it's a plastic boat. Not much can go wrong unless it blows off your roof rack on the freeway. If it appears well made in the store it should last you a while without problems. My Liquidlogic Pisgah has a lifetime warranty. Shane's Blog (from the LL website) has some funny kayak torture video clips if you're bored.


(need latest quicktime viewer from Apple)

Nope, I don't work for LL, just own one of their awesome boats.

Agree on LL, but some WW companies
have had significant problems with their plastic. Boofing off rocks tends to reveal weaknesses.

I once split the seam on a guy’s Prijon when I hit him with the nose of my Corsica coming down Lesser Wesser. In the abstract, one would not have expected that a blow-molded HTP Prijon would split like that.