What's thinner than YakGrips?

I find YakGrips a bit too thick, and my nitrile gloves too thin. What cusioning material could I put on my paddle that would be thinner than YakGrips?


Check out
Bicyle handlebar tape. Supposed to be waterproof and pretty sure you can find various type of feel. Never used it myself but it has been recommended numerous times in paddling forums in the past.


Good idea, thanks
I’ll try it.

thinner Yakgrips
Yakgrip also makes a thinner one that has velcro along the edge. Not sure what they are called but they are thinner than the standard slide-on Yakgrips.


If that is not enough, look at heat shrink tubing, start at McMaster-Carr by typing in “about heat shrink tubing”

shrink wrap grips
I paid %400 for a turbo wing that is the same used by van koeverden to win olympic gold. He is fast and I am too fat but have the same style paddle that I watched being made in the same shop near smill falls,ont. This is thin black rubber on the shaft before the blade goes on. Then heated to shrink it. Some fold back a piece of black electrical tape paralell to the shaft as an index mark under the grip with many wraps of tape at each end to keep the hand from moving left or right. I wear yellow jet ski gloves with no finger tips. In cold weather I like long wristed disposable gloves. Polaris jet ski gloves on sale for a dollar a pair. Recycled from bad to good. Or you can use bike tape. Most grip too tight. Brent reitz video shows his fingers staright off the shaft at end of each stroke.

Loose grip and relaxed arms help you paddle fast not hard. As in golf, smile, relax, nice easy swing to hit hard. The bicep must not fight the tricep…

try nothing
I’m guessing you need to get your inside hands used to some work.

Ryan L.