What's this PLASTIC on my Carbon Paddle?

Please help me.

Bought a USED Wenonah Maxcraft carbon paddle. It’s marked “TERTM INC.” and Wenonah Maxcraft with Wenonah’s address.

At the top of the blade all the way to half way up the handle is a BLACK plastic cover surrounding the handle.

Without this black plastic cover the paddle would weigh almost nothing and its swing weight would be perfect.

Can I take the black plastic off???



maybe a hand grip?
some people like to add foam etc to make the shaft more cushy…

or is it a heat shrink tubing that is covering some hideous repair job???

got a pic?

Its Heat Shrink Tubing
Looks like its a plastic tubing added as a hand grip or to keep the wear down on the shaft of the paddle.

I’m thinking about slowly cutting it off starting closest to the handle.

Again, it is heat shrunk plastic tubing from the top of the blade to half-way up the shaft. So it goes from the top of the blade to halfway to the handle, right where you grip the paddle on the shaft during strokes…


I Want This ALIEN Substance OFF My Padle
Can I slowly start cutting it off to see what’s underneath?

I think underneath is carbon. I think the shaft is fine.

Any reason I should leave it on. My first impression is that it throws the balance off and adds weight and ugliness.

I called the boys at Wenonah just before the paddle arrived to talk about the weight of the paddle. They really didn’t know much about it since it was made in the early 90’s.

I’d say its around 17 or so ounces with the plastic shrink wrap (protection?). I sure want to use a razor or knife to slowly take it off.

Any reason to keep it (argh)…

Happy Thanksgiving

Not sure I should suggest this, but…
…if you cut it off and found a reason below the tape to wish you hadn’t taken it off, you could always replace the tape. Go to mcmaster.com and search on heat shrink tubing. They sell various diameters of it by the foot.