What's your "camp coffee"

Naw I don’t want to know your brand of coffee. What I’m asking is what is the thing that makes the trip so wrong that if you “ran out” the trip would be over.

For Jerry Vandiver its “Camp Coffee”…https://youtu.be/no5Cuy1weLc

What’s your make or break item…

A paddling trip? I’ll go with water

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Water for paddling. An ice cold Coke after the boats are loaded. In warm weather.

Patience is the only thing I can not afford to lose on a trip. We can get by without a lot of other things.


Same here.

Coffee is one thing I hate to be without, and I have several versions of coffee makers for different occasions, but really as long as I can have enough food and water to survive, generally I’m good. Short on supplies in the woods is better than all my wants in town.

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I was on a mule packing trip some years ago with a commercial outfitter. We went in around 20 miles the first. day. When I woke up, several people were staring at the fire with a dazed look. Cookie forgot the coffee. Packers get up early and listen for the bell mare at night. They are always short on sleep. The youngest kid who was on the payroll, saddled up and was gone all day. He rode 40 miles round trip and harmony was restored. A week later coming into the pack station were hand drawn signs nailed to the trees. “forget something.?” “Coffee is good for you.” It was funny at the time.

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for me it is dry shoes at the end of the day. I so look forward to those dry shoes.

There is no way I would be without coffee…
Other than that I would say fishing gear. First time camping with a few friends that were hard core fisherman but somehow didn’t bring their gear and were making fun of my heavier surf casting gear.
We were camped on a beach and after I caught the first four snook they were moaning and groaning until I handed them my heavy surf gear that they made fun of. We caught abou nine snook that day keeping a big one for dinner.
They never forgot their gear after that day.

Best instant coffee for me is from Starbucks, comes in small packets “Via”


I don’t like coffee. I know that’s Blasphemy!

I suspect the item might be trip dependent. Like going fishing without hooks

I would dearly miss my camera when I see a rare once in a lifetime shot. However, I don’t have to have it with me to enjoy the trip. Sunglasses and hat are important, as is water.

Not having a PFD or paddle would make or break a trip before it began. Although, one can cut a long pole (think skinny GP, but longer), and paddle surprising well with it as a kayak paddle. I am also a competent swimmer. So if I lost both on a trip I could still paddle. Depending on the situation of course as WW or strong currents etc. could negate those options.

Speaking of fishing…here are some photos for grayhawk’s viewing pleasure of my Dad and Grandads South Florida fish from the past.

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I tried via and didn’t love it. My default is nescafe

My choice is Starbucks Via. I’m not wild about it. It’s just instant coffee and tastes like it. It packs very small and packs flat in the trash ziplock. No clean up required so no additional water usage. I’ve found it to be a valuable trade commodity so I always take extra.

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I completely agree on the packets, that’s how I do my nescafe. It’s the right way to do coffee while camping

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We used to take coffee similar to these from the coffee room at work. https://www.amazon.com/MWH862400-Maxwell-House-Coffee-pouches/dp/B002MEWIWA
Jetboil a quart, some for oatmeal then throw one of these in the pot and wait 5 minutes. Our goal was to get paddling before the wind kicked up, make camp early and relax.

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Never got into coffee - caffeine has no effect on me. Now if I didn’t have some kind of chocolate treat at the end of a long day…

chocolate…caffeine and sugar :wink:

Sugar yes - caffeine does nothing to me. I can have a bottle of Mt Dew right before bed and sleep like a baby. Apparently about 10% of people metabolize caffeine too fast to feel its effects.

I made it through 8 years in the Army and a year on 3rd shift and never touched coffee. My Mom lived on Maxwell House from the tin can my entire childhood and I thought it was nasty.
I started drinking it a few years ago for something hot on cold mornings.
I credit Starbucks with raising the bar on coffee flavor but like other roasters better.

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Ditto on your Starbucks critique and my folks brought me up on Folgers from the tin.