What's your fave GPS under $150?

I’m considering buying a gps, mainly to help track things like speed and miles paddled, not necessarily to help me keep from getting lost. I don’t do much in the way of back country hiking either, but I’d like the option of being able to use a gps for that down the road. I know navigation basics using map and compass so that would always be my fall back when in an area I’ve never been before. I just see a gps as an aid at this point. This is also the reason I’d rather not shell out big bucks for a gps costing hundreds of dollars. A while back I posted a similar question about gps and the Garmin Etrex Venture HC was one posters suggestion. At the time it was on sale on Amazon for $99, however I didn’t have the funds right then and missed out on that deal (it was a one day thing). I do know that the downloaded maps are what typically what add a lot of extra cost - often being more than the unit itself. For now the greatest use would be for paddling, but like I said I’d like it to be useful for hiking later as well.

got 5
best for the buck imo Garmin 60, may have been upped to a 62 i hear. Great antenna, solid build, feels like a tool not a toy. Lost mine on my sailboat for 20 months, and when I found it, it locked on and remembered all my inputs like it was never off.

just wanted to add that there are
sites with free topo maps you can download onto a Garmin GPS. I’ve downloaded about 70% of Florida and the maps are great…they show streets in detail, trails, elevation (topo).

I just got a 76Cx when price dropped from %350 to $179. Works GREAT. Has tide charts too.

I have the Garmin Etrex H. I just bought this one, My first one lasted for years and finally the LED got unreadable. They are good on batteries, not fancy, and the price is about $100.00

I like that model
I’ve been considering that one for a while as well as the eTrex H which is the same thing but with a USB cable and a base map already loaded. The H model is only $134 versus the $99 for the model you have. How do you utilize yours? Do you use it while kayaking or more for hiking? When you are using it, what do you use for the most and if anything, is there a feature it doesn’t have that you wish it did? As I mentioned previously, I’m mostly interested in the trip data recording aspects - speed, time, distance, in addition to being able to mark interesting sites and such with waypoints. I can’t really see using it as a means of navigation on it’s own, only as a compliment to basic map and compass navigation.

got an E trex too
when hiking, the e-trex will lose a signal where the 60 stays locked on.

Brawleytj, do you have a list or links to the sites you mentioned?

Garmin 72
Love the big screen. It is programmed for speed and distance on same screen. % years and many swims and it still going strong. Not bad for 100 bucks. I made a bracket with a 2in by 4in strip of aluminum. With a conduit bracket it fits well on canoe

free topos…
you can just do a google search for “free topo maps Garmin” and several will appear.

I’ve used the GPStracklog site and it worked well.

Great detail and the price is right.

regular etrex or the H model?
Is you eTrex one the regular ones or the newer H model with the high sensitivity chip? I’ve compared the eTrex Legend H and eTrex Venture HC to several other models including the ones mentioned on here. The Legend and Venture both have several features that I think makes them better. First and foremost is the memory size is 24mb for both and they both come with base maps and the ability to download maps. I think both of theses units are pretty nice and affordable. Question is whether I want the color screen or not. I think the Legend is a slightly better unit even thought it’s got a grey scale screen, but I have heard that the color screens make reading information a bit easier than the monochrome screens.

yeah or a Garmin 76Map
or any of the 76s. Waterproof, big screen, buttons on front (best for mounting in a RAM mount). Cheap now, you can get brand new 76Maps on an auction site cheap because they are dinosaurs. very very good dinosaurs. And they float.