whats your favorite canoe trip out west

My wife and I are hoping to drive “out west” from Kentucky this summer. I’d like to take a half to full day canoe trip somewhere along the way. Do you have any suggestions? What are the classic destinations?

(We are beginners and we will need to rent a canoe or kayak. The more scenery, the better. It will be in July, I think.)

You’re limited by your time. I recomend longer trips since most rewquire it anyway since it takes several days to get to the takeouts.

If you just want a single day…well maybe the Yellowstone Out of Livingston MT. Contact Jason at “The river Source” in emigrant Mt…google this and get his website…he rents canoes and does shuttles.

Shoshone Falls - “Niagra of the West”

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Matt - you may hear of others, but this one I can recommend from personal knowledge (which is still pretty limited)...

Near Twin Falls, Idaho - Centennial Park to Shoshone Falls on the Snake river. Suitable for beginners, and rental boats available at Twin Falls (River Rat White Water Toyz) or in Boise if you come from that direction(Idaho River Sports). All flat water, up and back against negligible current (almost lake-like), in deep rock canyon. One short, easy portage about halfway up at Pillar Falls at normal flows.

Here's a video...


Lot's of good canoeing in eastern Idaho as well. Maybe someone else can expand on that.

Colorado River, near Las Vegas
My wife and I just canoed the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, and I thought it was one of the more interesting and scenic one-day canoe trips I’ve done. Aside from the unique experience of putting in a canoe below one of the largest dams on the planet(Hoover), the river flows through a nice gorge with steep cliffs and hills along the whole route. Numerous canyons come in from the sides, beckoning to be explored, many of which have hot springs to soak in. Not much wildlife,but you have a good chance of seeing bald eagles and big-horned sheep. The mallards can be aggressive. There are a lot of outfitters in the area and many have canoes available to rent. Reserve earlier than later…the national park service issues limited permits per day. Try to go on a Sunday or a Monday…no motorboats are allowed above Willow Beach (your take-out) on those days, other than some commercial tours. It will be damn hot there in July, but the river is a constant cool 50-sumthin degrees. The only negative about this trip that I can think of…if you encounter a stiff southern wind, you will be hating life and wishing you rented kayaks.

The whole trip is roughly 12 miles long.