Wheel bearing for kayak cart.

Having trouble locating wheel bearings for my Seattle Sports, Kayak Cart Mighty Mite, any ideas???

How do you blow a bearing on one of those things ?

Describe the bearings
The website calls them galvanized bearings, which I suspect means it’s really some kind of bushing (I can’t imagine galvanized balls, rollers, or races, but I could be wrong). So, if it’s a bushing, just clean up the surfaces and polish them a bit. Add a touch of grease and all will be fine.

If that’s not applicable, take the dimensions (inside and outside diameter, and the width) and do some online shopping for something with the same dimensions. Or call the company and ask them where they buy their bearings, and then order them directly.

have you tried all the local hdware opt
Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, True Value, Tractor Supply.

Then there is Grainger and McMaster.

you ask for a hand truck wheel bearing replacement. Make sure the parts match, an inner/outer diameter rule is a useful tool for this.

There are how to pictures on the mfgr website.


If you can wait, and email them, I am sure they will send you a replacement or guide you to local parts. Tell them why you need it, if its a product defect give them a chance to make it right. Ask with a smile, it goes a long way.

Good luck, Kaps

yeah, what he said n/m

Age and worn
If I weren’t so cheap I’d just buy a new one, but I’ll roll with this one till the wheels fall off!!!

not bushings
I pulled them, the balls came out!!!

Tried one!!!
Since it’s the 4th, I didn’t get a chance to exhaust my search, you have given me some good leads though …thxzamundo

I have been in the distribution end of the bearing business for the last 42 years maybe I can help. Email me the dimensions and I should be able to ID. If not most any large city will have a bearing and power transmission branch in it. Not all cater to walk in sales but many do. Most of the wheels like that have a bearing that has a 5/8" or 3/4" ID with a 1 3/8" OD with a flange on the OD.

oldbill , why did that bearing wear out
… couldn’t be much of a bearing to go bad like that .

I don’t care how long or how far his cart has toted a paddle craft , no way the bearing should fail unless it’s a piece of junk .

Do you think an upgrade bearing is a possibility … perhaps a sealed one ??

Maybe it’s the cost thing … maybe he could buy a couple extra pairs of the original from the mfg. for next to nothing . Good bearings aren’t nessasarily cheap , so an upgrade might not be practical (??) .

My guess
You are correct in thinking it can’t be much of a bearing. Most of those bearings used in cart’s, wheelbarrows and such are cheap pressed steel with no cage to hold the balls. If it is in fact one of the dimensions I listed we supply machined steel,caged, sealed bearings.

3/4" ID, 1 3/8" OD w/flange!!!

Oh yeah,
The original bearings are crap, sealed bearings are an option, I know of a company here in Cincy called CBT, they sell us our bearings at work, perhaps I’ll talk to them and use the company discount to reduce my cost.

RBC RF122214PP

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That is a RBC RF122214PP bearing. I can shoot you a price on Monday when I go back to work if you want or you can search the WEB and I am sure you will find something. That bearing sells for something close to $12.00-$15.00 each retail and I see you can buy that cart for $60.00-80.00 new. That being said those bearings would be a huge upgrade to what is in it now.

Thought I had it!!!
Went to local lawn mower repair shop, showed them the bearing, they said they had them, I couldn’t tell the difference, until I got home and tried to slide them on the shaft, too small, the inner diameter must be 2cm. Back to the drawing board. These 4 bearings were only $20.00.

Went to the source
Called Seattle Sports, explained the situation, waiting a call back. This will be a test of their customer service, stay tuned, and let me add, thank you all for your interest and your help!!!

Enough failed attempts
After many failed attempts at trying to find these bearings locally, I talked to Seattle Sports, they requested an email with pictures, now I have sent that off, I’m just sitting back waiting. Will let everyone know the outcome!!!