Wheeleez cart load question

I just ordered a wheeleez tuff tire cart and am doing a kayak/camping trip in Maine. My question is will i be able to load all my gear in the kayak and haul it easily from about a block or more away to the ferry . no up hills. maybe slightly down hill. I have a corelite 55lb.+ kayak when empty. So i am guessing it will be pretty heavy when loaded.


No Problem
Most of those carts are rated at something like 175 lbs. Put the wheels close to the center of the kayak, practice setting up and pulling at home so no surprizes, deep beach sand or rocks can be a bit of a pain.

I was planning on loading
up at home and walking up and down my street. It will certainly entertain the neighbors.

Have no fear !
We got one for our 100 pound 23 foot long tandem, and used it for the Everglades Challenge with the boat fully loaded, with about a hundred pounds of gear.

I particularly like the foam filled tires - Never have to worry about topping them off with air.

Jack L

Depends on where you place the cart
I have a Paddle Boy that can only be placed close to the end of the stern. That thing makes a loaded kayak heavy enough to rip your arms off.

I also have a C-Tug that can be placed right behind the coaming. It makes the kayak featherweight. The inflatable tires help as well. You can tow the kayak around literally with one finger.

Solution: inflatable tires plus placement right behind the cockpit.

For real fun do some lawn rolls
I was demonstrating to my neighbor how you flip back upright doing a back deck rodeo … others were a bit amused.

While the cart will handle the load, I would have some concern about the pressure points on the boat given the small amount of spacing between the bars.

Particularly with a light layup boat, if the boat is heavily laden with gear it could cause damage.